The 3 Ls in Belllo represent our belief and relentless pursuit of providing you a great Location, a fantastic Lifestyle and a Lasting impression.

At Belllo hotel, we are truly your home away from home.


elllo" or the Italian word "bello" from which we derived our name, is used to describe many thoughts and emotions in Italian.

You would compliment a beautiful woman by saying "Che bella donna!" or to a handsome man, you would say "Che bell'uomo".

For us, we want to build a hotel with wonderful attributes where our guests will leave with a pleasant experience and a lasting impression of our hospitality. Our guests should leave with a smile on their faces and the word "Belllo" in their minds.

Located in the heart of Johor Bahru city centre, Belllo is strategically located near Johor Bahru's CIQ for convenient access to and from Singapore. There is easy access to Senai Airport and Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) to connect to the North South Highway for the capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

For the business travellers, Belllo is an affordable stopover, surrounded by major banks, governmental and administrative offices. For the fun travellers, come and experience the rich cultural and historical ambience with Chinatown and Little India round the corner. Popular shopping malls like City Square and Komtar are within minutes' walk. A vibrant night bazaar comes alive from 7pm with tantalising local gourmet delights that will certainly become a wonderful haven for food lovers.